3 Reasons Your Blog is Critical


We outline 3 reasons how a blog contributes to the success of your website. This blog is paired with the “3 Reasons Your Blog is Critical” animation.

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3 Reasons Your Blog is Critical

It’s essential to stay relevant and active when it comes to maintaining your website. An excellent way to always keep a flow of new information on your site is to post blogs. Blogs give you credibility as an expert in your field of business. Creating content also helps to promote and advertise your business, attracting new customers. By providing value to readers, you’ll soon become recognizable in the community.

Target long tail keywords

Blogs give you an excellent opportunity to incorporate more SEO keywords through their titles and content. When you use relevant keywords, you can expand the value of your website content and create more SEO-friendly blog posts. Being strategic with keywords is especially important for smaller local businesses. Let’s use a community bank, for example. A local bank is in a position to compete with huge, nationally established name brands. It is tough to rank highly for competitive keywords like “home loan.” However, the opportunity to focus on keywords like “How to find a home loan in Richmond, Virginia” will make your content more relevant to the reader. Although this keyword is longer with a lesser search volume, users are more likely to navigate your website because you have precisely what they need.

Optimize Through Internal Linking 

With any piece of content on your site, blogs give you the perfect opportunity to include internal links. Internal link building can be a goldmine of SEO opportunities. Having internal links prevents your blogs from becoming a “dead end” on your website and also improves Google’s crawlability of your site. Primarily, you want to link internally to help the reader link to more information on your site.

Adding internal links is a simple way to optimize your site and improve your user experience (UX) by establishing a more concrete site structure. Internal links make it easy to understand what your pages are about by providing additional information and highlighting specific benefits and services. For example, if you have a blog on applying for a business loan, you can utilize a link to a loan page. Grouping relatable content within your site and creates a more robust linking profile.

Backlinking opportunities

Aside from internal linking, blogs are a great way to build some external links. Using outside sources to link your blog from their respective websites creates a more creditable content piece. Links from other trustworthy and established sites are votes of confidence for your potential consumers. If you can place yourself in a position of authority in your industry, people are more likely to turn to you for your services.

Backlinking can improve the ranking of your site and search visibility. Some backlinks are more valuable than others. If you can obtain a backlink from a well-established business, you have a much better chance of reaching a wider audience. On the other hand, avoid backlinking opportunities from spammy, potentially harmful sites as this hurts your credibility. The rule of thumb is that credible sites have reliable sources.

Hire an Agency for Content

Are you experiencing writer’s block? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to write and post blogs consistently. It might be best to hire an agency to plan, create, and distribute your content. Here at DIGI CONVO, we have experienced blog and SEO writers who can develop a comprehensive blog posting schedule. Give us a call today.

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